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The streets of Venice

The venetian road is known as “calle” and it is the passage that usually lies between two buildings, can be very narrow or very wide, depending on the architectural location of buildings, usually opens in a field or in a square (campo), or it can have on the Grand Canal outlet and then turn […]

7 August 2014|

The gondola


The gondola is the typical boat of Venice.

Originally gondolas were painted in different colors and they were luxurious decorated so that the Senate of Venice, between 1500 and 1600, imposed various sumptuary laws to limit the excessive pomp

and that settled in the time, that the gondolas were black in color. This belies the myth […]

28 July 2014|

The Redentore feast

The Redentore Feast is a popular festival that combines the sacred and profane and it falls in the third week of July and is the event most loved by Venetians. Tradition has it that the story starts in 1575, when Venice was hit by the plague which killed about 50.000 people including the great painter […]

8 July 2014|

The Rialto bridge

Venice has four bridges across the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, the Accademia bridge, Ponte degli Scalzi and the bridge of the Constitution said Calatrava’s Bridge.
The Rialto Bridge is the oldest and was the only link between the two banks of the Grand Canal.
It seems that already in 1182 there was built, by Nicolò Baratieri, a pontoon bridge. It was told “Quartarolo”followed by the name of the coin requested to cross it.
In 1250 was replaced by a wooden bridge, that could be open to allow the […]

8 June 2014|

S. Mark’s Campanile

The building of S. Mark’s Campanile, (originally the lighthouse for sailors and perhaps military Tower) began in the 9th century under the reign of Pietro Tribuno to arrive, after many renovations and restorations, the final aspect between 1511 and 1514.

In its secular life, el paron de casa, as the Venetians call it affectionately, was […]

16 May 2014|


On 25 April in Venice we celebrate not only the national day of liberation, but also an important traditional Feast: the San Marco red bud.
Legend tells that in the 19th century, in the city of Venice, the daughter of Doge Orso I Partecipazio, Maria, loved a young man of humble origins, named Tancredi. The […]

28 April 2014|