The Redentore Feast is a popular festival that combines the sacred and profane and it falls in the third week of July and is the event most loved by Venetians. Tradition has it that the story starts in 1575, when Venice was hit by the plague which killed about 50.000 people including the great painter Tiziano Vecellio (at that time the inhabitants of Venice were about 170.000). Nothing seemed to eradicate it. The Doge Alvise Mocenigo, promise to built a magnificent Church dedicated to Christ the Redeemer if the plague ended and that every year would be a procession with the Doge himself, followed by the Patriarch and the Lordship. In July 1577 the epidemic ended. The vote was dissolved by the doge Sebastiano Venier which gave the Office of design and construction of the temple, on the island of Giudecca, the architect Andrea Palladio who was assisted by Antonio da Ponte (who later built the ponte di Rialto). After the foundation stone was laid, on the third Sunday of July 1577, a  provisory small wooden church was built. It was built also a footbridge, supported on 80 galleys, who departed from the coast of Piazza San Marco and arrived to Giudecca, so the Doge Sebastiano Venier,  his entourage and survived people could walk in procession as far as the tabernacle. The Temple of the Redeemer was consecrated in 1592. Until today, a bridge of barges (now called “ponte votivo”) 334 metres long, is built between the Zattere and Giudecca just opposite the Temple. The Bridge is built in the days leading up to the feast and removed from the following Monday. The religious festival was inaugurated on Saturday with the blessing of Patriarch on the terraces of the Church. After the blessing votive bridge “opens”. The folk festival begins on Saturday morning: the inhabitants of Giudecca prepare long tables, on the shore, ready to be prepared with traditional Venetian dishes like bigoli in salsa, the sardines in saor, pasta and beans, and the anara ripiena. In the evening, hundreds of boats, all decorated with colorful balloons, arrive in the basin of San Marco and the Giudecca Canal to assist in “famous night”, to the splendid fireworks show which starts at 23.30 and ends after midnight. At the end of “Fireworks” boats go to the Lido to witness the rise of dawn. On Sunday morning, along the “votive bridge” will start the procession preceded by the Mayor, by the Patriarch, followed by the people, to get into the temple where it will be celebrated the religious function. Outside, on the Esplanade in front of the Church, continues the feast among the stalls and the Charity raffle run in the Church’s patronage. The great feast ends with the race of the Redeemer along the Giudecca canal.